September 17th, 2021

Bindows 4.60

Bindows 4.6 supports the latest current versions of all major browsers, including Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 38, Safari, and Chrome 42; it also includes several new improvements and bug fixes.

For detailed description of Bindows 4.6 -

All customers with an active or perpetual maintenance plan can get the updated retail version directly from us.

The apps on the Bindows site are already updated.

InfiView 2.1.2 Released0

Due to changes introduced in Firefox 13 and Firefox 14 we created a quick update version of InfiView - version 2.1.2

InfiView 2.1.2 is based on Bindows 4.1.2 and supports the latest current version of all the major browsers (including Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 14, Safari 5.1, and Chrome 21).

Customers with an active maintenance plan will get the updated retail version (full) automatically.

The apps on the InfiView and Bindows sites are already updated.

To learn more about InfiView, go to

Bindows Commercial Gauges Library0

The commercial version of the Bindows Gauges is based on the latest Bindows version and supports the latest versions of all the major browsers, including Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 14, Safari 5.1, and Chrome 21.

The Bindows Gauges Library - Commercial Version price is $49 and includes:

  • * The full Bindows Gauges Library kit
  • * Free updates to the Bindows Commercial Gauges Library for 12 months
  • * Free deployment on one server

The latest released version of the Bindows Gauges Library - Commercial Version is: 4.1.2

Buy Bindows Gauges Library - Commercial Version

Buy the Bindows Commercial Gauges Library here: Bindows Commercial Gauges

Bindows Retail Gauges V.412

Bindows 5 = HTML52

Coming soon in a browser near you!

Just made the world a bit prettier…0

For quite some time now, I’ve been working on improving the looks of Bindows. I’ve lost count of how many theme variations I created in order to find the right one(s). Now that it’s done I’m probably not touching Photoshop nor CSS for a while…

Over a year ago we set out to do some major improvements to Bindows and look and feel was one of the core things. Another one was the Actions stuff that I wrote a bit about in an earlier post.

In the betas of the 4.0, we added a whole series of themes that one can use with Bindows and now, in the final release, we complete the journey and replace the default look with a, IMHO, really cool one. It doesnt really have a lot of fancy stuff but just the right balance between cool and useful.

Bindows 4 is out there today, I hope you’ll enjoy it ;)

BarracudaDrive for Linksys NSLU2 (includes Bindows)1

Real Time Logic (RTL) released a free for non-commercial use version of its user-friendly personal server stack. The BarracudaDrive release runs on the “Unslung” Linux distribution available for Linksys’s NSLU2 storage server, and includes a lightweight, dynamic development environment supporting AJAX.

BarracudaDrive V3.9 is a Linux-compatible secure application server assembled from selected plugins used in the Barracuda Embedded Web Server. Designed for personal and home use, it provides remote file management and enables the loading and starting of auxiliary applications, says RTL. An NSLU2 equipped with BarracudaDrive and external USB flash memory for storing database files provides an application server that is virtually maintenance free, claims the company.

BarracudaDrive includes RTL’s Lua integrated scripting language and Lua Server Pages (LSP) technology, which is described as a lighter, faster, more modular alternative to PHP. Developers can use LSP to customize existing applications and write their own. BarracudaDrive also provides an integrated SQLite database engine for creating applications such as its supplied content management system (CMS).

The server also includes the Bindows framework for developing Ajax applications with an event-handler that updates client-side DHTML applications without requiring constant polling. This minimizes network usage, says the company, while still allowing access through corporate firewalls.

Bindows Forum application

and here:

SOS (Search our Sites)0

New Bindows Forum (beta)2

Last night we posted the new Bindows Forum.

The Forum is powered by Bindows (of course) and holds thousands of posts.

Notice that you can sort, resize and reorder (drag and drop) the columns.

As always, in the Forum you can post technical questions, report bugs and suggest new features and of course, reply to other posts.

Please do not use the Forum for sales and marketing (you can contact

Please email requests and suggestion to

Search the Bindows sites and blog0

Use the search box below to Google search the Bindows sites (including the international Bindows sites) and the Bindows blog:

Hello world!0

Welcome to the Bindows blog! This blog is a collaborative project from the people at Bindows. We blog on what catches our attention in the larger blogosphere about Ajax and Web 2.0. We also blog about the Bindows framework – what are the latest product developments, what are people saying about it and what are people developing with it. We’re proud to be part of this exciting conversation and look forward to your comments and questions.

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