September 17th, 2021

Oracle/Hyperion Customers - Support for IE8 and Firefox 3.60

Hyperion web software is making use of our Bindows technology.
Several Oracle/Hyperion customers contacted us, complaining that their systems do not run in IE8.
Oracle/Hyperion systems that use Bindows 3.0 - this version of Bindows does not support IE8 and Firefox 3.6 (however, Bindows 4.1 does support them).

Several suggestions have been posted on the web showing how to modify Bindows 3.0 files to enable such support.
Those suggestions are not accurate and not complete.

WARNING: Modifying and using modified Bindows files without a license is illegal and constitutes a Copyright Infringement.

We have developed a solution that enables applications using Bindows 3.0 to operate in IE8 and Firefox 3.6.
The solution has been tried and tested - references available upon request.
The solution includes a license that allows using the files that we provide.

The complete solution includes:
* Several Bindows files, modified by us that enable running Bindows 3.0 in IE8 and Firefox 3.6.
* A license for your company to use the files we provide.
* Support is not included (can be purchased separately).

Price starts at $5,000 for the first CPU, quantity discounts available (if you are located in GA local sales tax will be added).

General Information:

New Movie - The InfiView Layers0

A cool, short movie describing the capabilities of InfiView’s Layers technology.

Watch it at:

If you like it, please share with others (blog, tweet, email, etc.)

And don’t forget, the InfiView Developer Kit is still provided for FREE.
Don’t miss on this special!
Just go to and click on the Download button.

Enjoy :)

InfiView - Developer Kit is FREE!0

Due to the huge success of InfiView 2.0 (beta) we decided to provide the InfiView Developer Kit for FREE (usually priced at $195).
The kit comes with 12 months of free updates.

This is a special, limited time offer.

Don’t miss on this special!
Just go to and click on the Download button.

Bindows 4.0 Released - Try it with Safari 4 and Chrome0

We are proud to release Bindows 4.0 today.
The release comes after the longest and most thorough beta program (three beta rounds) in the Bindows history.

Bindows 4.0 includes four major additions:

* A completely redesigned menu system - best in the market
* Initial support for new browsers (IE8, FF3, WebKit 525+, Chrome, upcoming Safari version)
* Exciting new looks - 6 new themes and a powerful theme engine (so you can create your own)
* Enable development of complete Ajax applications without writing a single line of JavaScript!

For a comprehensive description of the new features:

Bindows customers with covered maintenance, will receive the FULL retail version automatically.

Bindows 4.0 beta program participants are eligible to purchase developer licenses at a 50% discount, until March 10, 2009 (to purchase, please contact

As always, we would be glad to hear your thoughts and comments.

Enjoy the new version.
The Bindows Team

Get IntelliJ Idea FREE for 6 months, then 20% off the regular price!1

IntelliJ IDEA by JetBrains is an intelligent Java IDE. The Bindows plugin for IntelliJ IDEA significantly enhance and expedite the development process. This editor has in itself an impressive array of features tailored specifically for Bindows programmers.

Now, Bindows customers can get IntelliJ Idea FREE for 6 months (including subscription for updates). After the six months you can purchase it and get a 20% discount off the regular price!

If you are a Bindows customer, email for your IntelliJ Idea IDE and Bindows plugin (please specify your development platform: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) and we will email you the coupon code.

For more details:

A link to the IntelliJ Ajax page:

And a link to the announcement on the IntelliJ blog:

Bindows 3.0 Released3

After a long and comprehensive beta program we are proud to release Bindows 3.0 today.

This version includes:
* Support for vector graphics (including gauges and charting) in all supported browsers
* A complete animation library
* GridPanel2 + Designer
* Improved localization
* SingleTree
* Template Based Printing
and (of course) many bug fixes and general improvements.

For a comprehensive description of the new features click here Bindows 3.0 Features.

As always, we would be glad to hear your thoughts and comments.

The Bindows Team

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