September 17th, 2021

Bindows 4.1.20

Due to changes introduced in Firefox 13 and Firefox 14 we created a point-update version of Bindows - version 4.1.2

All customers with an active or perpetual maintenance plan will get the updated retail version directly from us.

The apps on the Bindows site are already updated.

Bindows 4.1.18

Due to changes introduced in Firefox 11 we created a quick update version of Bindows - version 4.1.1

Customers with an active maintenance plan will get the updated retail version directly from us.

The apps on the Bindows site are already updated.

Instant forum for your site0

See the BarracudaDrive Bulletin Boardpowered-by-bindows-5.png

A turnkey solution - add a Forum to your site

The BarracudaDrive Bulletin Board, provided by Real_Time_Logic is a free application delivered with the BarracudaDrive Web Server.

The BarracudaDrive Bulletin Board is powered by Bindows “zero-footprint” Rich Internet Application framework.

The bulletin board, which is designed using cutting edge web-technology, looks and behaves more like a traditional Windows application than a web application.

To see the BarracudaDrive Bulletin Board:

No technical experience is needed

The free bulletin board requires no installation or configuration. The BarracudaDrive Web Server’s integrated database engine makes it possible for us to deliver a zero configuration bulletin board — i.e. there is no need for you to install a database and connect the bulletin board to the database.

The Bulletin Board is one of five plugins delivered with the BarracudaDrive Web Server.


  • Fast
    After the initial load, the bulletin board is extremely fast since the bulletin board is using web services when communicating with the server. Traditional bulletin boards must send the whole page content to the client every time the user interacts with the bulletin board. In contrast, our bulletin board only sends the changed content, making it very fast even on slow network connections. One can easily host a high volume forum from a home computer with a DSL connection.
  • Spam Prevention
    Many bulletin boards, such as phpBB, get infested with spam. Spammers use automated computer programs to: trawl the internet for public bulletin boards, automatically register with the bulletin boards found, and infest the bulletin boards with spam. Since our bulletin board is using web-services, a spammer would have to write a very sophisticated program in order to spam the BarracudaDrive bulletin board. In addition, our bulletin board includes an optional spam filter that forces new users to play a hangman game and prove they are human beings and not spam machines before they can register.
  • Private or Public Forum
    With one button click, you can select a public forum or a private forum that can only be accessed by users with a valid BarracudaDrive user account. See our blog for articles and tips for how you can manage your bulletin board.

Oracle/Hyperion Customers - Support for IE8 and Firefox 3.60

Hyperion web software is making use of our Bindows technology.
Several Oracle/Hyperion customers contacted us, complaining that their systems do not run in IE8.
Oracle/Hyperion systems that use Bindows 3.0 - this version of Bindows does not support IE8 and Firefox 3.6 (however, Bindows 4.1 does support them).

Several suggestions have been posted on the web showing how to modify Bindows 3.0 files to enable such support.
Those suggestions are not accurate and not complete.

WARNING: Modifying and using modified Bindows files without a license is illegal and constitutes a Copyright Infringement.

We have developed a solution that enables applications using Bindows 3.0 to operate in IE8 and Firefox 3.6.
The solution has been tried and tested - references available upon request.
The solution includes a license that allows using the files that we provide.

The complete solution includes:
* Several Bindows files, modified by us that enable running Bindows 3.0 in IE8 and Firefox 3.6.
* A license for your company to use the files we provide.
* Support is not included (can be purchased separately).

Price starts at $5,000 for the first CPU, quantity discounts available (if you are located in GA local sales tax will be added).

General Information:

Bindows using ASP .NET14

Today a customer made me aware of the fact that we have no sample for
creating Bindows apps using ASP .Net. He wanted a sample on how to add a
gauge and setting dynamic properties in the XML definition.

Of course we need ASP .Net samples. The forum can be seen as a sample on
server communication, but it uses Perl for the backend. I decided to make
a small and simple, yet instructive sample. I hope I was successful.

An application generated from dynamic sources is not much different from one
made of static sources. You still need an ‘HTML file’ and an ‘XML file’.
The difference is that both these ‘files’ are generated on demand and their
content can be different from one request to another based on server logic.

This sample was made using the free gauges. You can download them
It is not difficult to translate the lessons learned in this sample to a
full Bindows application (ADF). Just replace the script in the ‘HTML file’
with application.start(…) or biExec(…) just as you would with static
HTML and XML sources.

For this sample my ‘HTML file’ is Default.aspx, the file that is
automatically generated by the WebSite project template. I edited its
content with the following:

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true"  CodeFile="Default.aspx.cs" Inherits="_Default" %>

    <!-- Load free Bindows Gauges package -->
    <script type="text/javascript" src="bindows_gauges/bindows_gauges.js"></script>
<p>This is a very simple sample displaying a gauge.</p>
<div id="gaugeDiv" style="width: 250px; height: 250px;"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
  var gauge = bindows.loadGaugeIntoDiv("Gauge.aspx", "gaugeDiv");
  function setNeedleValue(nValue) {

//  setNeedleValue(25);

Then I added a new aspx file (Gauge.aspx) using a random template. ;) This
also created a code-behind file (Gauge.aspx.cs) that I deleted. Because I
deleted that I also edited the file header of the aspx file to remove the
reference. All I kept was this bit:

<%@ Page Language="C#" %>

In the content I pasted the sample gauge from the free gauges package and
edited it up a bit to suit my purposes. I added a <% %>
section at the top, where I initialized some C# variables:

	// Two values setting the start locations for warning hints on the gauge scale.
	// These could be configured from user preferences.
	int warnLow = 25;
	int warnHigh = 180;
	int value = 125;

	// Error handling / range assertions.
	if (warnLow > warnHigh)
		throw new ArgumentException("The low range must be less than the high range.");
	else if (warnHigh < 0 || warnLow < 0 || value  300 || warnLow > 300 || value > 300)
		throw new ArgumentException("Values must be between 0 - 300.");

Further down in the gauge XML I referenced these variables. Here’s an example:

<Gauge2RadialScale startValue="0" endValue="300">
	<!-- Needle -->
	<Gauge2RadialNeedle id="needle" value="<%=value%>" stroke="#000000" strokeWidth="3"
						innerRadius="0" innerWidth="40"
						outerRadius="360" outerWidth="5">
			<Gauge2RadialGradientFiller color1="#808080" color2="#000000"/>

View Gauge.aspx source

Download entire web site source code (ZIP).

Sneek Peek1

Bindows running on iPhone

Don’t tell anyone…

BeDesk Social Desktop (OpenSource) – Powered by Bindows0

Oh!STUDIO Media Solutions (our Bindows partner in Argentina) created BeDesk, an open source project of a social desktop powered by Bindows.

The vision is creating a global cross-device interface using the Bindows framework.

The project mission is to develop interfaces, using the most powerful APIs, and integrating them in a multiple windows environment – providing users with the best functionalities in the Internet.

Those interfaces will be service oriented for collaborative use across BeDesk desktops (webtops actually)

Visit to download the code and access the Trunk, and join the group in

CLICK to go to BeDesk

French Survey: 44% use Bindows as their JavaScript Framework3

According to a survey conducted by LeJournalduNet, a popular IT
publication in France, Bindows dominates the Ajax platform market in France with 44%
market share. Other frameworks included in this survey were Prototype,
Dojo, Yahoo! and Backbase.

“France is becoming an Ajax power and Bindows is taking off all over Europe,” said
Ran Meriaz, MB Technologies president, in response to this survey.

“Bindows is a serious tool for serious software. Bindows leads the market by offering the richest toolset for generating
large-scale, complex enterprise applications using object oriented programming, a Windows look-and-feel and excellent Internationalization.”

Vive le Bindows :)

Bindows Gains Another International Partner (Holland)0

We’re proud to announce that Datheon, a premier Dutch software company, has joined the Bindows Global Partnership as a Bindows developer and reseller for the enterprise market in Holland. You can contact Datheon regarding Bindows sales, support and consulting in Holland at

“Bindows fills the gap between ‘traditional’ web applications and desktop applications in a very elegant manner,â€? says Mr. Zeppenfeldt, Datheon’s CEO. “We have been looking for a strong front-end toolbox that matches our flexible metadata platform in order to respond quickly to the continuously changing information needs of our clients. The Unicode support is crucial to us since we are expanding into international markets.”

With this latest announcement, the Bindows Partnership Program now has a presence in North and South America, Europe and Asia, with more announcements soon to come.

Read the full press release here (pdf).

To become a Bindows partner, please contact

Information Builders Chooses Bindows0

Information Builders will build the latest version of their WebFOCUS product for their customer base of Fortune 100 and US government agencies using the Bindows Ajax Framework.

“Bindows leads the industry by providing a mature and complete AJAX framework that produces amazing user interfaces,” said Gerald Cohen, CEO, Information Builders. “Using Bindows we’re able to build enterprise-strength web applications that deliver accurate, operational data that employees can access anywhere and anytime.”

Here’s a link to the full press release

What are you doing with Bindows?0

Bindows has been downloaded thousands and thousands of times. We want to know what you’re doing with it. Feel free to send us an email or add a comment describing your project. What does your product do, who is your target market, how does it meet today’s Web 2.0 communications needs for sharing, collaboration and user participation? Thanks in advance!!!

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