February 9th, 2016

Updated! Bindows Commercial Gauges0

The commercial version of the Bindows Gauges is based on the latest Bindows version and supports the latest versions of all the major browsers, including Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 38, Safari, and Chrome 43.

The Bindows Gauges Library - Commercial Version price is $49 and includes:

  • * The full Bindows Gauges Library kit
  • * Free updates to the Bindows Commercial Gauges Library for 12 months
  • * Free deployment on one server

The latest released version of the Bindows Gauges Library - Commercial Version is: 4.6

Buy Bindows Gauges Library - Commercial Version

Buy the Bindows Commercial Gauges Library here: Bindows Commercial Gauges

Bindows Commercial Gauges V. 4.6

Bindows commercial gauges library, version 4.20

Today we released Version 4.2 of the Bindows commercial gauges library.
This version is based on the latest Bindows version and supports the latest versions of all the major browsers, including Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 20, Safari 5.1, and Chrome 26.

In this new version we enable two ways of using the gauges:

New Browsers (SVG) - Support for new browsers (especially Internet Explorer 9 and higher).
Since IE9 and higher supports SVG, in this option we use only SVG (and we do not use VML).
Therefore, using this option you can use doctype for newest browsers and avoid using iframe.

All Browsers (SVG + VML) - Since IE8 and previous versions of IE do not support SVG, we support them by using VML, in quirks mode. We still use SVG for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. If you want to use doctype, you will need to add an iframe for your gauge.

Existing customers of the Bindows commercial gauges library will get the updated library automatically.

Buy Bindows Gauges Library - Commercial Version

The price of the Bindows commercial gauges library is $49 and includes:

  • * The full Bindows Gauges Library kit
  • * Free updates to the Bindows Commercial Gauges Library for 12 months
  • * Free deployment on one server

Buy the Bindows Commercial Gauges Library here: Bindows Commercial Gauges

Bindows Retail Gauges V.412

How to dynamically update Bindows gauges1

As you surely know by now, the Bindows gauges package is provided free of charge, without any warranty and without any commitment for support.

Still, we get a lot of support questions about updating certain aspects of the gauges dynamically.
Therefore, in this post I will explain the general approach of dynamic updates to the gauges.

For truly dynamic updates you are supposed to use the full version of Bindows. Bindows Free Gauges have some limitations in this area (including not being documented) but if you know your way around Bindows you can still accomplish good things.

So in this example we are going to update the label of a gauge dynamically. Here is the gauge before any modification:


The first step is to figure out which object is responsible for the effect that you want. It’s pretty easy to read the xml file that describes the gauge and find the correct class.
If you are unsure, just change some properties, such as color, reload your page and see if you have targeted the correct class.
I am using “sample.html” and “g_clock_bindows.xml” as a base that comes standard with the Bindows Free Gauges package.

It was pretty easy to find the XML tag that is responsible for writing out the word “Bindows”. That tag corresponds to a class in Bindows called BiGauge2Label. If you have access to Bindows, you can examine the source code and find there a non documented method called “setText”. This method corresponds to the XML property called “text” which in turn spells out the word “Bindows”.

Now we just need to add an “id” to this tag. Adding an id ensures that an object with the same name as the id is accessible on the object for the div that we create when we make the gauge itself.


Now all we have to do is to use that object and call the setText method on it. Note that it doesn’t matter where the tag is in the XML hierarchy. The JavaScript object will be directly accessible on the “clock” object.


And the finished clock now toggles every second between the two labels and looks like this:


To learn more about how XML properties and tags relates to Bindows API documentation, check out this blog post.

Click here to run the application.

FREE Bindows Gauges - New Version Released0

We released a new version of the FREE Bindows gauges

The Bindows gauges can be used with IE 5.5+ and Firefox, and now, also with WebKit browsers such as Chrome and Safari-4.

If you like the Bindows gauges - don’t be shy and tweet about it :)

Bindows using ASP .NET14

Today a customer made me aware of the fact that we have no sample for
creating Bindows apps using ASP .Net. He wanted a sample on how to add a
gauge and setting dynamic properties in the XML definition.

Of course we need ASP .Net samples. The forum can be seen as a sample on
server communication, but it uses Perl for the backend. I decided to make
a small and simple, yet instructive sample. I hope I was successful.

An application generated from dynamic sources is not much different from one
made of static sources. You still need an ‘HTML file’ and an ‘XML file’.
The difference is that both these ‘files’ are generated on demand and their
content can be different from one request to another based on server logic.

This sample was made using the free gauges. You can download them
It is not difficult to translate the lessons learned in this sample to a
full Bindows application (ADF). Just replace the script in the ‘HTML file’
with application.start(…) or biExec(…) just as you would with static
HTML and XML sources.

For this sample my ‘HTML file’ is Default.aspx, the file that is
automatically generated by the WebSite project template. I edited its
content with the following:

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true"  CodeFile="Default.aspx.cs" Inherits="_Default" %>

    <!-- Load free Bindows Gauges package -->
    <script type="text/javascript" src="bindows_gauges/bindows_gauges.js"></script>
<p>This is a very simple sample displaying a gauge.</p>
<div id="gaugeDiv" style="width: 250px; height: 250px;"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
  var gauge = bindows.loadGaugeIntoDiv("Gauge.aspx", "gaugeDiv");
  function setNeedleValue(nValue) {

//  setNeedleValue(25);

Then I added a new aspx file (Gauge.aspx) using a random template. ;) This
also created a code-behind file (Gauge.aspx.cs) that I deleted. Because I
deleted that I also edited the file header of the aspx file to remove the
reference. All I kept was this bit:

<%@ Page Language="C#" %>

In the content I pasted the sample gauge from the free gauges package and
edited it up a bit to suit my purposes. I added a <% %>
section at the top, where I initialized some C# variables:

	// Two values setting the start locations for warning hints on the gauge scale.
	// These could be configured from user preferences.
	int warnLow = 25;
	int warnHigh = 180;
	int value = 125;

	// Error handling / range assertions.
	if (warnLow > warnHigh)
		throw new ArgumentException("The low range must be less than the high range.");
	else if (warnHigh < 0 || warnLow < 0 || value  300 || warnLow > 300 || value > 300)
		throw new ArgumentException("Values must be between 0 - 300.");

Further down in the gauge XML I referenced these variables. Here’s an example:

<Gauge2RadialScale startValue="0" endValue="300">
	<!-- Needle -->
	<Gauge2RadialNeedle id="needle" value="<%=value%>" stroke="#000000" strokeWidth="3"
						innerRadius="0" innerWidth="40"
						outerRadius="360" outerWidth="5">
			<Gauge2RadialGradientFiller color1="#808080" color2="#000000"/>

View Gauge.aspx source

Download entire web site source code (ZIP).

Bindows Gauges in an Embedded Server0

Cool demo application by Real Time Logic, using Bindows gauges.

Click and see it in action

Click and enjoy the ride :-)

Bindows Gauges - Screenshots of Live Applications2

One of the first users of our Bindows gauges shared with us few screenshots of Bindows gauges he modified, and is using in live applications - enjoy :)
CLICK to enlarge:

Bindows Gauges (ss-01) - CLICK to enlarge

Bindows Gauges (ss-02) - CLICK to enlarge

Bindows Gauges (ss-03) - CLICK to enlarge

To learn more about our FREE Bindows Ajax Gauges Library, go to: http://www.bindows.net/free_gauges/

To post screenshots, or links to your site showing use of Bindows gauges, please email me at ran@bindows.net.

Update: 2 New Bindows Gauges & Digital Value Labels2

Bindows gauge with digital label

Our FREE Bindows Ajax Gauges library has been updated!

* 2 brand new gauges (vertical gauge, time clock)

* Live digital value label added to several gauges - fully tweakable by you!

* And, some bug fixes

Let us know what you think (please comment below, or email us ran@bindows.net).

Three New Products from the Bindows Folks - InfoWorld Review0

Read the excellent review in InfoWorld by Martin Heller (Strategic Developer).
InfoWorld Review.

The review covers our release of three new products: Bindows gauges library toolkit, BindowsFaces, and the Bindows 4.0 Beta.

Regarding Bindows FREE gauges library toolkit - InfoWorld appreciates the facts that the toolkit is completely free, and comes with a gauge wizard and a free subset of the Bindows Ajax library. The gauges are done with vector graphics and are fast enough to be used for soft real-time displays. Try it out online yourself.

The BindowsFaces library, as you might guess from the name, brings Bindows-based Ajax capabilities to Java through JSF. It’s for Java Faces programmers who’d prefer not to get their hands dirty with JavaScript or go through a compilation step. Martin quotes us “BindowsFaces is better than GWT or Oracle ADF.” Obviously, we are biased :)

Moving on to Bindows 4.0 beta “probably makes Bindows the most advanced professional Ajax framework in the market,” according to the Meriazes. One of primary design goal of Bindows 4.0 is to add the “ability to define a fully working application without writing a single line of JavaScript.” To join the 4.0 beta program, contact sales@bindows.net.

Thanks Martin for a great review!

Bindows FREE Gauges Library0

We are proud to release the Bindows gauges library toolkit.

You can use the library to add vector-graphics based, Ajax-enabled gauges to any HTML page. The Bindows free gauges toolkit includes:
* A set of predefined sample gauges.
* An online wizard to easily create and personalize your gauge.
* A non exclusive licence to freely use and distribute gauges based on the library.
* A lightweigth Bindows™ distribution, tailored for use with this library.

The gauge library has been tested with Firefox and IE 5.5+.

The package is provided free of charge, without any warranty and without any commitment for support.

Check it out at Bindows Ajax Gauges Library.

Sample of 2 Bindows gauges - CLICK to see them live (moving) - notice that the clock always shows your local time

Sample of two Bindows gauges - CLICK the gauges to see them live (moving) and notice that the clock always shows your local time

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