September 17th, 2021

Oracle/Hyperion Customers - Support for IE8 and Firefox 3.60

Hyperion web software is making use of our Bindows technology.
Several Oracle/Hyperion customers contacted us, complaining that their systems do not run in IE8.
Oracle/Hyperion systems that use Bindows 3.0 - this version of Bindows does not support IE8 and Firefox 3.6 (however, Bindows 4.1 does support them).

Several suggestions have been posted on the web showing how to modify Bindows 3.0 files to enable such support.
Those suggestions are not accurate and not complete.

WARNING: Modifying and using modified Bindows files without a license is illegal and constitutes a Copyright Infringement.

We have developed a solution that enables applications using Bindows 3.0 to operate in IE8 and Firefox 3.6.
The solution has been tried and tested - references available upon request.
The solution includes a license that allows using the files that we provide.

The complete solution includes:
* Several Bindows files, modified by us that enable running Bindows 3.0 in IE8 and Firefox 3.6.
* A license for your company to use the files we provide.
* Support is not included (can be purchased separately).

Price starts at $5,000 for the first CPU, quantity discounts available (if you are located in GA local sales tax will be added).

General Information:

Bindows 4.1 Released Today0

We are proud to release Bindows 4.1 today. The release comes after a long and thorough beta program.

Bindows 4.1 supports the latest versions of all the major browsers, including IE8, Firefox 3.6, Safari 4, and Chrome.

This version also includes several new features (key bundles, collapsible panel, threestate checkbox) and several additional improvements.

Read more about this version at:

You can download a free evaluation developer package at:

Customers with covered maintenance receive the full retail version automatically.

New InfiView Reseller in China1


Panyan Technology Co., Ltd (ComponentCN)

We are proud to introduce our a new reseller in China for Bindows and InfiView - Panyan Technology Co., Ltd (ComponentCN)
ComponentCN specializes in selling professional component products in mainland China. It has a comprehensive marketing channel, and an excellent technical support and service team.
For full contact details, see our InfiView Partners page.

Bindows Partner in Latin America0

We are proud to introduce our partner in Latin America for Bindows, BindowsFaces and InfiView - Oh!STUDIO from Argentina.
For full details, see our Bindows Spanish page.

3rd Movie - Infinite Memory0

A cool, short movie describing InfiView’s unique memory management technology.

InfiView - Infinite Memory Feature Presentation from infiview on Vimeo.

If you like it, please share with others (blog, tweet, email, etc.)

And don’t forget, the InfiView Developer Kit is still provided for FREE.
Don’t miss on this special!
Just go to and click on the Download button.

Enjoy :)

New Movie - The InfiView Layers0

A cool, short movie describing the capabilities of InfiView’s Layers technology.

Watch it at:

If you like it, please share with others (blog, tweet, email, etc.)

And don’t forget, the InfiView Developer Kit is still provided for FREE.
Don’t miss on this special!
Just go to and click on the Download button.

Enjoy :)

Bindows 4.0 Released - Try it with Safari 4 and Chrome0

We are proud to release Bindows 4.0 today.
The release comes after the longest and most thorough beta program (three beta rounds) in the Bindows history.

Bindows 4.0 includes four major additions:

* A completely redesigned menu system - best in the market
* Initial support for new browsers (IE8, FF3, WebKit 525+, Chrome, upcoming Safari version)
* Exciting new looks - 6 new themes and a powerful theme engine (so you can create your own)
* Enable development of complete Ajax applications without writing a single line of JavaScript!

For a comprehensive description of the new features:

Bindows customers with covered maintenance, will receive the FULL retail version automatically.

Bindows 4.0 beta program participants are eligible to purchase developer licenses at a 50% discount, until March 10, 2009 (to purchase, please contact

As always, we would be glad to hear your thoughts and comments.

Enjoy the new version.
The Bindows Team

Bindows Reseller in China0

Chongqing Huidu Technology Co., Ltd.

We are proud to introduce our reseller in China for Bindows, BindowsFaces and InfiView - Chongqing Huidu Technology Co., Ltd.
As official Bindows reseller, Chongqing Huidu Technology will also provide localized Bindows technical support for the Chinese market.
For full contact details, see our Worldwide Partners page.

Bindows - Eco-Friendly Ajax3

How can we conserve precious resources (i.e., waste less)?

Studies show that white-screen interfaces (for example - Google search) consume significantly higher power than cool-dark interfaces.

This is one reason we introduced the Bindows Eco Theme (see below).

To try it live: Bindows Demo

Imagine the ecological savings when millions white screens will switch to Bindows cool themes.

Join us in spreading the cool concept :)

Bindows Developer License - Price Change0

We listen to our customers! Due to many requests we agreed to change the price of the Developer License to $195.

The new price is effective immediately - Buy Now page.

Bindows in BarracudaDrive Web Server3

Real Time Logic’s BarracudaDrive web server simplifies external Intranet access and provides a secure file server and a HTTPS tunnel that is easier to use than VPN.

Real Time Logic, the world leader in device management software for telecommunications, medical and automotive applications, announced the availability of the BarracudaDrive web server, a joint venture between MB Technologies, Spinifex Computing and Real Time Logic.

BarracudaDrive provides a complete and easy to use solution for typical small business needs. BarracudaDrive’s design allows both home users and small business owners to set up and run a professional looking site without the expense of hiring web-gurus. The server also provides secure external Intranet access similar to VPN, but without the complexity.

BarracudaDrive includes the following components:

* A high performance asynchronous web server
* Lua Server Pages, a super fast scripting language
* Bindows, the leading Ajax and Web 2.0. SDK
* Web File Manager that lets you manage your files using a browser
* WebDAV is a secure file system server that lets you mount your server as a windows disk
* HTTPS tunnel, which provides easy external Intranet access
* Chat server and Web 2.0 client powered by the Barracuda EventHandler plugin
* Advanced WEB 2.0 web server administration application
* Setup application that lets any user install and make the server available on the Internet

The BarracudaDrive license allows you to develop Bindows applications that will run inside BarracudaDrive.

For Bindows developers, BarracudaDrive provides the following benefits:

* It is integrated into one server - no installation
* BarracudaDrive is very easy to install and operate
* Integrated JSON web-services makes it extremely easy to communicate with the server
* Lua Server Pages (LSP) and BarracudaDrive are much faster than PHP/Apache

You can learn more about BarracudaDrive, download a free version or purchase the FULL version at BarracudaDrive.

If you have questions about the Bindows license included in the BarracudaDrive, please contact

Bindows 2.55 Released0

We are proud to release Bindows 2.55 today. Bindows 2.55 is a major service release that includes many bug fixes – making Bindows even more robust and reliable.

In the very near future (coming days) we will release the beta version of Bindows 3.0 - follow the site and our blog ( for more details.

15 December 2006

InfoWorld Ranked Bindows in Top 40

Bindows is on the cover of InfoWorld (November 27, 2006 issue) in the magazine’s round-up review of the top 4 Ajax platforms.

The article declares that IDEs for web applications are now as powerful and robust as those for desktop applications.

Bindows stands out of the pack by providing the richest set of tools for large enterprises deployments.
Peter Wayner, the article’s reviewer, praises Bindows by stating:
- “Bindows is the most straightforward of the lot.�
- “The Bindows language is one of the saner approaches to this domain.�

BTW: The Weather Station (gauges) on the cover page of the magazine was created with Bindows!

French Survey: 44% use Bindows as their JavaScript Framework3

According to a survey conducted by LeJournalduNet, a popular IT
publication in France, Bindows dominates the Ajax platform market in France with 44%
market share. Other frameworks included in this survey were Prototype,
Dojo, Yahoo! and Backbase.

“France is becoming an Ajax power and Bindows is taking off all over Europe,” said
Ran Meriaz, MB Technologies president, in response to this survey.

“Bindows is a serious tool for serious software. Bindows leads the market by offering the richest toolset for generating
large-scale, complex enterprise applications using object oriented programming, a Windows look-and-feel and excellent Internationalization.”

Vive le Bindows :)

Bindows 2.0 Released0

After a long and comprehensive beta program we are proud to release Bindows 2.0 today.

This version includes excellent support for accessibility (US Government Section-508 requirements).

Bindows 2.0 also includes multiple new features including New Loaders, Image Map, Graphical Links API, performance improvements and (of course) many bug fixes and general improvements.

For a comprehensive description of the new features go to

9 June 2006

Bindows at INTEROP Tokyo 20060

With standing room available only, Neo Japan’s session on Bindows at INTEROP Tokyo generated so much enthusiasm that they had to extend the session for another 30 minutes. Japan’s leading Ajax expert and author of Ajax - Basic Techniques of Developments, Mr. Yusuke Kawasaki complimented Bindows. After acknowledging Japan’s growing interest in Ajax, Mr. Kawasaki stated, ‘Many frameworks/toolkits are developed and released day by day. However, Bindows is one of the most complete and attractive.�

The session was coordinated by Mr. Junichi Hosono of NEOJAPAN, Inc. ( and Mr. Tomihisa Fuon, Chief Editor of the Software Design magazine.

Photos of the session can be downloaded from

Screenshots of Bindows Applications on Display0

You’ve heard how Bindows lets you develop Web applications that are extraordinarily rich, responsive and in any spoken language. Now you can see it for yourself. We just launched a new section at the Bindows website:
with screenshots of Bindows-built commercial web applications that we received from several of our customers (Don’t forget to click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures.)

Check out how some of our leading customers are using Bindows to improve the performance and usability of their Fortune 100 client/server applications, including Hyperion’s business intelligence software, Webroots’ security management console, NeoJapan’s groupware program, Russian-based Metrosoft’s database, and Datheon’s Vista InfoCharts and GanttCharts.

And, if you’re a Bindows customer and would like to promote your business and your software, you are welcome to send us (email to your screenshots, logos and short descriptive text and we’ll post it on the Bindows website.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at or (678) 267-3940.

Thank you!
Ran Meriaz - The Bindows Team

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