September 17th, 2021

A peek into the Bindows future… Bindows Vector Graphics (BVG)4

Linkdemo Screenshot

Working with the Bindows product has been an exciting trip so far. With the introduction of SVG-support in Firefox 1.5 we were given the opportunity to draw vector graphics in both Internet Explorer (VML) and Firefox (SVG).

Abhinav Pobbati started working on a sort of graphing tool for a customer and I recently got the opportunity to help him further develop the concept. Now, we have an early demonstration of this simple graph tool which renders its graphics using VML in Internet Explorer and SVG in Firefox, all within the Bindows framework.

The demonstration contains several elements which can be dragged around on the screen. The elements are linked using lines which can be right clicked to show a context menu. Everything with a beautiful pastel coloured background! :)

Try it out!

We plan to name this feature Bindows Vector Graphics (BVG) and we would love to get any comments and suggestions you may have.

IE performance hints4

In Internet Explorer, memory usage has a severe impact on performance. As memory utilisation rise, performance decrease. Also in comparing strings vs comparing variables huge benefits can be found. Here is a simple test that illustrates the behavior:

function test() {
var i;
var ic0 = 100000; // change this to affect memory use
var ic1 = 100000;
var o = {};
var s0=”test”;
var s1 =”test”;
var g,d0,d1,r0,r1
// 1: use up some memory
for ( i = 0 ; i < ic0 ; i++ ) {
o[i] = 1;
// 2: compare run 0
d0 = new Date();
for( i = 0 ; i < ic1 ;i++ ) {
g = (s0==”test”);
r0 = new Date() - d0;
// 3: compare run 1
d1 = new Date();
for( i = 0 ; i < ic1 ;i++) {
g = (s0==s1);
r1 = new Date() - d1;
“compare run 0 : ” + r0 + “ms\n” +
“compare run 1 : ” + r1 + “ms”

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