September 17th, 2021

Three New Products from the Bindows Folks - InfoWorld Review0

Read the excellent review in InfoWorld by Martin Heller (Strategic Developer).
InfoWorld Review.

The review covers our release of three new products: Bindows gauges library toolkit, BindowsFaces, and the Bindows 4.0 Beta.

Regarding Bindows FREE gauges library toolkit - InfoWorld appreciates the facts that the toolkit is completely free, and comes with a gauge wizard and a free subset of the Bindows Ajax library. The gauges are done with vector graphics and are fast enough to be used for soft real-time displays. Try it out online yourself.

The BindowsFaces library, as you might guess from the name, brings Bindows-based Ajax capabilities to Java through JSF. It’s for Java Faces programmers who’d prefer not to get their hands dirty with JavaScript or go through a compilation step. Martin quotes us “BindowsFaces is better than GWT or Oracle ADF.” Obviously, we are biased :)

Moving on to Bindows 4.0 beta “probably makes Bindows the most advanced professional Ajax framework in the market,” according to the Meriazes. One of primary design goal of Bindows 4.0 is to add the “ability to define a fully working application without writing a single line of JavaScript.” To join the 4.0 beta program, contact

Thanks Martin for a great review!

SD Times article on InfiView 1.50

Adding to an Infinite View, MB Technologies boosts InfiView with Google Maps integration

SD Times published on September 5, 2007 a detailed review of the coming InfiView 1.5, by Jeff Feinman.

InfoWorld review of InfiView0

Bindows-based platform offers powerful interactive capabilities to developers.

A detailed review, on InfoWorld, by By Martin Heller, published in InfoWorld, on August 08, 2007.

Link to the InfoWorld article

InfoWorld Ranked Bindows in Top 40

Bindows is on the cover of InfoWorld (November 27, 2006 issue) in the magazine’s round-up review of the top 4 Ajax platforms.

The article declares that IDEs for web applications are now as powerful and robust as those for desktop applications.

Bindows stands out of the pack by providing the richest set of tools for large enterprises deployments.
Peter Wayner, the article’s reviewer, praises Bindows by stating:
- “Bindows is the most straightforward of the lot.�
- “The Bindows language is one of the saner approaches to this domain.�

BTW: The Weather Station (gauges) on the cover page of the magazine was created with Bindows!

French Survey: 44% use Bindows as their JavaScript Framework3

According to a survey conducted by LeJournalduNet, a popular IT
publication in France, Bindows dominates the Ajax platform market in France with 44%
market share. Other frameworks included in this survey were Prototype,
Dojo, Yahoo! and Backbase.

“France is becoming an Ajax power and Bindows is taking off all over Europe,” said
Ran Meriaz, MB Technologies president, in response to this survey.

“Bindows is a serious tool for serious software. Bindows leads the market by offering the richest toolset for generating
large-scale, complex enterprise applications using object oriented programming, a Windows look-and-feel and excellent Internationalization.”

Vive le Bindows :)

Bindows Gains Another International Partner (Holland)0

We’re proud to announce that Datheon, a premier Dutch software company, has joined the Bindows Global Partnership as a Bindows developer and reseller for the enterprise market in Holland. You can contact Datheon regarding Bindows sales, support and consulting in Holland at

“Bindows fills the gap between ‘traditional’ web applications and desktop applications in a very elegant manner,â€? says Mr. Zeppenfeldt, Datheon’s CEO. “We have been looking for a strong front-end toolbox that matches our flexible metadata platform in order to respond quickly to the continuously changing information needs of our clients. The Unicode support is crucial to us since we are expanding into international markets.”

With this latest announcement, the Bindows Partnership Program now has a presence in North and South America, Europe and Asia, with more announcements soon to come.

Read the full press release here (pdf).

To become a Bindows partner, please contact

Federal Computer Week Recognizes Bindows as 1st Ajax Framework to Support Accessibility0

Thank you Wade-Hahn Chan for covering our recent news regarding Bindows and Section 508 accessibility standards. The article, “Bindows 2.0 provides Section 508 tools for developers,� can be read at

Wade-Hahn’s article reinforces the value of the Bindows support for accessibility to the Federal market which has up until now lacked a means of developing 508 compliant Ajax and Web 2.0 applications. We look forward to a flood of readers visiting our site for more information : )

Bindows at INTEROP Tokyo 20060

With standing room available only, Neo Japan’s session on Bindows at INTEROP Tokyo generated so much enthusiasm that they had to extend the session for another 30 minutes. Japan’s leading Ajax expert and author of Ajax - Basic Techniques of Developments, Mr. Yusuke Kawasaki complimented Bindows. After acknowledging Japan’s growing interest in Ajax, Mr. Kawasaki stated, ‘Many frameworks/toolkits are developed and released day by day. However, Bindows is one of the most complete and attractive.�

The session was coordinated by Mr. Junichi Hosono of NEOJAPAN, Inc. ( and Mr. Tomihisa Fuon, Chief Editor of the Software Design magazine.

Photos of the session can be downloaded from

Bindows Success with the Japanese Press0

Our press conference in Tokyo with NEOJAPAN generated some great press. The two companies announced that NEOJAPAN joined the Bindows Global Partnership Program and that they will gradually revamp their groupware solution called desknet’s. Here’s a nice screenshot of desknet’s using Bindows.

So far, the news has appeared in the morning edition of FujiSankeiBusiness - one of the major Japanese business newspapers as well as the following:
ITpro NIKKEI SolusionBusiness
ITpro NIKKEI Computer
@IT NIKKEI Personal computer
Impress Enterprise Watch

Our sources at NEOJAPAN told us that pictures of Yoram appear in many of the print editions of these online articles and that his smiling face was very charming :)

Bindows Article on Ajax in Byte Magazine0

We’re proud to announce that Byte Magazine has published an article by Yoram Meriaz (CEO at MB Technologies - maker of Bindows.) The article is called Back to the Future with AJAX.

The idea behind the article is that we started with mainframes and dumb terminals, then we migrated to clients and servers and now with the rise of AJAX we’re headed back (yet forward) to centralized delivery of services with sophisticated user interfaces.

The article also includes a useful list of the advantages of AJAX and tackles the question as to whether or not AJAX is ready for the enterprise.

What do you think? Is the client/server era coming to an end?

Please check out Back to the Future with AJAX and feel free to post your comments on our blog. Thanks!

Thank You Dion!!!0

We’d like to thank Dion for the amazing writeup he gave Bindows at Web 2.0 Journal today. We really appreciate the time he took to learn about the product and speak with Yoram Meriaz, CEO at Bindows. Some of our favorite quotes from the article:

“The detail and complexity of the user experiences that Bindows creates is amazing, all without sacrjficing clarity of the interface.”

“They offer one of the slickest products so far.”

“If you’re looking to do Enterprise Web 2.0, Bindows is tough to beat and here today…”

“I don’t often devote full blog posts to a single product but Bindows is worth it and I’m seriously considering it for my own Ajax software development work.”

And of course, we didn’t mind the following quote, “I do expect Bindows will be acquired soon enough, with my best guess being Google given that Yahoo now has an impressive new AJAX library of its very own.”

Once again, Thanks Dion!!!!

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