September 17th, 2021

What are you doing with Bindows?0

Bindows has been downloaded thousands and thousands of times. We want to know what you’re doing with it. Feel free to send us an email or add a comment describing your project. What does your product do, who is your target market, how does it meet today’s Web 2.0 communications needs for sharing, collaboration and user participation? Thanks in advance!!!

Dion HinchCliffe’s Great Posts0

Dion HinchCliffe has some great posts recently. And we say that, not just because he described the Bindows library as “mindblowing”. “Thanks Dion!!!â€? We thought he provided a great summary of Ajax’s disruptive influences:
1. The End of Software Upgrades, Fixes, and Security Patches
2. Software and Data Available Wherever You Go:
3. Isolated Software Can’t Compete with Connected Software
4. Deprecation of the Traditional Operating System
5. Software That Is Invisible

We were also impressed with his Five Great Ways to Harness Collective Intelligence

1. Be The Hub of A Hard To Recreate Data Source
2. Seek Collective Intelligence Out
3. Trigger Large-Scale Network Effects
4. Provide A Folksonomy
5. Create a Reverse Intelligence Filter

Finally, he provides a great link to one of the best written articles on Web 2.0 - The Hype and Hullabaloo of Web 2.0 by Ellyssa Kroski

Hello world!0

Welcome to the Bindows blog! This blog is a collaborative project from the people at Bindows. We blog on what catches our attention in the larger blogosphere about Ajax and Web 2.0. We also blog about the Bindows framework – what are the latest product developments, what are people saying about it and what are people developing with it. We’re proud to be part of this exciting conversation and look forward to your comments and questions.

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