September 17th, 2021

French Survey: 44% use Bindows as their JavaScript Framework3

According to a survey conducted by LeJournalduNet, a popular IT
publication in France, Bindows dominates the Ajax platform market in France with 44%
market share. Other frameworks included in this survey were Prototype,
Dojo, Yahoo! and Backbase.

“France is becoming an Ajax power and Bindows is taking off all over Europe,” said
Ran Meriaz, MB Technologies president, in response to this survey.

“Bindows is a serious tool for serious software. Bindows leads the market by offering the richest toolset for generating
large-scale, complex enterprise applications using object oriented programming, a Windows look-and-feel and excellent Internationalization.”

Vive le Bindows :)

XSD : Xtremely Satisfying Development?2

A few of us have been developing a schema for our ADF’s to enhance the experience of using Bindows.

When used in IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse WTP and other editors, the Bindows ADF Schema provides you with automatic code completion for Bindows Markup elements and attributes. Using the schema also enables annotation of the API documentation for available attributes.

You can be read more about the Bindows schema at

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