September 17th, 2021

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Bindows 3.0 beta2

Today we started the Bindows 3.0 beta program.
This version contains several major new features and improvements:

* Vector Graphics in all supported browsers
* Advanced Gauges in all supported browsers
* A complete Bindows Animation Library
* Charting Capabilities in all supported browsers
* GridPanel2 - supporting alignment, offset, rowspan, colspan and more
* More…

If you would like to participate in the Bindows 3.0 beta program, please contact

22 December 2006

Bindows 2.55 Released0

We are proud to release Bindows 2.55 today. Bindows 2.55 is a major service release that includes many bug fixes – making Bindows even more robust and reliable.

In the very near future (coming days) we will release the beta version of Bindows 3.0 - follow the site and our blog ( for more details.

15 December 2006

Goodies from Bindows experts0

Selected Bindows experts started publishing tips, how-to and demo’s on Bindows programming.

Very useful!

We will update you on new posts by them.

Please follow the links below, highly recommended: - Just updated (December 19, 2006), read and see Bindows implementations of Cool Blue Nile Sliders and Custom Bindows View Port. - Just updated (December 19, 2006), see the cool Blue and Alaska themes.

20 December 2006

InfoWorld Ranked Bindows in Top 40

Bindows is on the cover of InfoWorld (November 27, 2006 issue) in the magazine’s round-up review of the top 4 Ajax platforms.

The article declares that IDEs for web applications are now as powerful and robust as those for desktop applications.

Bindows stands out of the pack by providing the richest set of tools for large enterprises deployments.
Peter Wayner, the article’s reviewer, praises Bindows by stating:
- “Bindows is the most straightforward of the lot.�
- “The Bindows language is one of the saner approaches to this domain.�

BTW: The Weather Station (gauges) on the cover page of the magazine was created with Bindows!

Firebug is released as v1.0 beta2

Firebug is a marvelous tool to help in development with Bindows. As it is closing in on the full 1.0 release there are some truly impressive features included such as profiling of javascript code and monitoring of network activity.

There is a special version which works in IE, Firefox and Opera called Firefox Lite which opens up for easy debugging in those platforms also.

It is also possible to edit and visualize CSS and HTML-information live in the browser to tailor different properties and much much more…

Unfortunately the Firebug debugger is not (yet?) capable of showing javascript code which is loaded dynamically using the XMLHttpRequest. All references are made to the included script which has loaded the script.

Go check it out at and support the guy who is making this very useful tool!

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