September 17th, 2021

Plugin competition prizes0

A few days ago JetBrains launched their second annual The IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Contest.

They are giving away over $15,000 in cash and $42,000 in software licenses, including Bindows licenses.

Seven of the best plugins for IntelliJ IDEA will be awarded with cool cash prizes and free software licenses packs. Also, every participant will receive a cool commemorative T-shirt.

For details, visit the IntelliJ IDEA plugins homepage at

The contest kicked off September 17 and will run until December 21, 2007.

Time to jump in and start coding!

SD Times article on InfiView 1.50

Adding to an Infinite View, MB Technologies boosts InfiView with Google Maps integration

SD Times published on September 5, 2007 a detailed review of the coming InfiView 1.5, by Jeff Feinman.

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