September 17th, 2021

Bindows 4 beta & BindowsFaces beta - Updated0

New, updated packages for Bindows 4 beta and BindowsFaces beta were released today.

Changes include:

* Actions: General improvements and clarification of the Actions API
* Actions: Actions are now resposible for creating their own threads
* Actions: Threads were extracted and exposed in the API
* Actions: Adding BiLoaderAction
* BiGauge2: Several minor improvements
* Minor adjustments and fixes

Latest version is beta 0712.

Update: 2 New Bindows Gauges & Digital Value Labels2

Bindows gauge with digital label

Our FREE Bindows Ajax Gauges library has been updated!

* 2 brand new gauges (vertical gauge, time clock)

* Live digital value label added to several gauges - fully tweakable by you!

* And, some bug fixes

Let us know what you think (please comment below, or email us

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Three New Products from the Bindows Folks - InfoWorld Review0

Read the excellent review in InfoWorld by Martin Heller (Strategic Developer).
InfoWorld Review.

The review covers our release of three new products: Bindows gauges library toolkit, BindowsFaces, and the Bindows 4.0 Beta.

Regarding Bindows FREE gauges library toolkit - InfoWorld appreciates the facts that the toolkit is completely free, and comes with a gauge wizard and a free subset of the Bindows Ajax library. The gauges are done with vector graphics and are fast enough to be used for soft real-time displays. Try it out online yourself.

The BindowsFaces library, as you might guess from the name, brings Bindows-based Ajax capabilities to Java through JSF. It’s for Java Faces programmers who’d prefer not to get their hands dirty with JavaScript or go through a compilation step. Martin quotes us “BindowsFaces is better than GWT or Oracle ADF.” Obviously, we are biased :)

Moving on to Bindows 4.0 beta “probably makes Bindows the most advanced professional Ajax framework in the market,” according to the Meriazes. One of primary design goal of Bindows 4.0 is to add the “ability to define a fully working application without writing a single line of JavaScript.” To join the 4.0 beta program, contact

Thanks Martin for a great review!

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