September 17th, 2021

Bindows 4.0 (beta-2) - Released0

This version includes two major additions: a completely redesigned menu system, and exciting new looks (using new themes).

Many users asked us to update the looks of Bindows
(”…being powerful and complete is not enough, we also want great looks!“)

Well - you talked and we listened!

The new themes are here - cool new looks (that you can freely modify), including full support for rounded corners.
For more details on this exciting version: CLICK here.

Here is a screenshot of one of the new themes included in Bindows 4 (click to see in full size):


To join the 4.0 beta program, please contact

Bindows Gauges in an Embedded Server0

Cool demo application by Real Time Logic, using Bindows gauges.

Click and see it in action

Click and enjoy the ride :-)

Bindows Gauges - Screenshots of Live Applications2

One of the first users of our Bindows gauges shared with us few screenshots of Bindows gauges he modified, and is using in live applications - enjoy :)
CLICK to enlarge:

Bindows Gauges (ss-01) - CLICK to enlarge

Bindows Gauges (ss-02) - CLICK to enlarge

Bindows Gauges (ss-03) - CLICK to enlarge

To learn more about our FREE Bindows Ajax Gauges Library, go to:

To post screenshots, or links to your site showing use of Bindows gauges, please email me at

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