September 17th, 2021

BarracudaDrive for Linksys NSLU2 (includes Bindows)1

Real Time Logic (RTL) released a free for non-commercial use version of its user-friendly personal server stack. The BarracudaDrive release runs on the “Unslung” Linux distribution available for Linksys’s NSLU2 storage server, and includes a lightweight, dynamic development environment supporting AJAX.

BarracudaDrive V3.9 is a Linux-compatible secure application server assembled from selected plugins used in the Barracuda Embedded Web Server. Designed for personal and home use, it provides remote file management and enables the loading and starting of auxiliary applications, says RTL. An NSLU2 equipped with BarracudaDrive and external USB flash memory for storing database files provides an application server that is virtually maintenance free, claims the company.

BarracudaDrive includes RTL’s Lua integrated scripting language and Lua Server Pages (LSP) technology, which is described as a lighter, faster, more modular alternative to PHP. Developers can use LSP to customize existing applications and write their own. BarracudaDrive also provides an integrated SQLite database engine for creating applications such as its supplied content management system (CMS).

The server also includes the Bindows framework for developing Ajax applications with an event-handler that updates client-side DHTML applications without requiring constant polling. This minimizes network usage, says the company, while still allowing access through corporate firewalls.

Bindows Forum application

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