September 17th, 2021

New Bindows Commercial Gauges Library (4.7) - Available Now0

The latest Bindows Commercial Gauges Library (version 4.7) - is available now (Bindows Commercial Gauges Library)

This commercial version of the Bindows Gauges is based on the latest Bindows version and supports the latest versions of all the major browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 44, Safari, and Chrome 49.

The Bindows Gauges Library - Commercial Version price is $49 and includes:

* The full Bindows Gauges Library kit
* Free updates to the Bindows Commercial Gauges Library for 12 months
* Free deployment on one server

All customers with an active or perpetual maintenance plan can get the updated retail version directly from us.

Bindows Gauges Library 4.7

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