October 17th, 2021

Bindows Global Partnership Program Expands into Japan

Bindows Global Partnership adds another major partner - NEOJAPAN Inc. As NEOJAPAN’s president states, “We explored all the AJAX Frameworks and chose Bindows because it is the most mature, rich and complete platform for building AJAX and Web 2.0 enterprise-strength applications.”

At the NEOJAPAN/Bindows press conference today in Tokyo there were over 50 reporters, including reporters from four of the largest Japanese newspapers.

NEOJAPAN has all the necessary ingredients to exploit this high growth market - the success of their “desknet’s� groupware solution, their industry-proven training and their consulting services. NEOJAPAN will also be using Bindows to gradually revamp “desknet’s� with AJAX technology and make it a zero-footprint, Web 2.0 solution.

Feel free to check out NEOJAPAN’s new Bindows site at www.bindows.jp (Fair warning - it’s more fun if you read Japanese.)

To become a Bindows partner, please contact sales@bindows.net.

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