October 17th, 2021

Bindows Success with the Japanese Press

Our press conference in Tokyo with NEOJAPAN generated some great press. The two companies announced that NEOJAPAN joined the Bindows Global Partnership Program and that they will gradually revamp their groupware solution called desknet’s. Here’s a nice screenshot of desknet’s using Bindows.

So far, the news has appeared in the morning edition of FujiSankeiBusiness - one of the major Japanese business newspapers as well as the following:
ITpro NIKKEI SolusionBusiness
ITpro NIKKEI Computer
nikkeibp.jp NIKKEI Personal computer
Impress Enterprise Watch

Our sources at NEOJAPAN told us that pictures of Yoram appear in many of the print editions of these online articles and that his smiling face was very charming :)

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