September 17th, 2021

API docs for Bindows XML Markup

Bindows web applications can be written with JavaScript and/or an XML markup language. These two languages can coexist in the same file - the ADF (Application Definition File).
XML is mostly used for the UI but can also be used for logic. Bindows JavaScript has got a very mature API documentation that you can find here.

A very common question we get in support is where the API documentation for the XML markup is.
The surprisingly simple answer is: they are the same!
You just need to learn how to convert between them.

First let’s take a look at a sub section of the API for BiCalendar.


Now let’s make a simple Ajax calendar in both languages and see how they compare.

JavaScript vs XML

As you can see, the class BiCalendar can also be used in the XML and the “Bi” is simply omitted. Actually it doesn’t matter if you type BiCalendar or Calendar in the XML. Bindows will accept both.
The boolean XML property “showMonthButtons” correspond to the same property in the API documentation for BiCalendar. Each property can have either a getter, setter or both. The setters are what’s being used in the markup here. In JavaScript you prefix the property name with “get” or “set” and capitalize accordingly to call either the getter or the setter.

If any of this is new to you, take a moment to browse through our ADF sample repository and see how the various classes and properties relate to the API and JavaScript.

I hope you found this useful.

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