September 17th, 2021

New Bindows Commercial Gauges (4.7) - Coming Soon

Bindows Gauge is a powerful and highly customizable library toolkit for creation and usage of SVG gauges on your HTML pages.

You can build your own gauge using custom colors, desired shapes, and dimensions using the Gauge Wizard which you can find here.

Recently the commercial Bindows Gauges package was updated to a newer version (4.7). This update makes it friendlier to users who are not familiar with development but would like to get a gauge similar to ones reproduced in the examples provided with the package.

So what’s new in version 4.7?

  • We support all the latest versions of the major browsers but skipped the VML part so in the commercial versions of the Bindows Gauges IE 8 and lower are not supported anymore. That change allowed us to simplify and expedite the gauge loading process.
  • Bindows Gauges are compressed in a newer, better way, so now it’s even more lightweight.
  • Some more nice design for gauges were developed. Check out it here
  • We have changed the way arguments are transferred. Since quite a big amount of options can be predefined, we create an optional JSON. Here is an example:

      var options = {
         type: bindows.gaugeList.CLOCK_2,
         elementId : 'gaugeDiv',
         gaugeId : 'clock',
         callback : function() {},
         width: 400,
         height: 400


You can use two options to define what kind of gauge you would like to use:

type – when you are satisfied with the gauges provided with the package. All the available items are stored in bindows.gaugeList and correspond to every scheme in the package


xmlsrc – when you would like to use your own XML scheme. Only one of those options should be used and required.

elementId (required) – prepare a div element on your page, where you would like to add the gauge

gaugeId (optional) – the desired id for a gauge. It will be used for changing the gauge’s needle(s) value. If none is set ‘gauge’ id will be used.

callback (optional) – a callback function where you define the gauge’s behavior

width and height (optional) – optional parameters that can be used to define dimensions

Bindows Gauges 4.7 are compatible with previous version of commercial gauges, however order of arguments became important now, so switching to newer version make sure you are sending a list of parameters in order similar to example above.

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