October 17th, 2021

Bindows in BarracudaDrive Web Server

Real Time Logic’s BarracudaDrive web server simplifies external Intranet access and provides a secure file server and a HTTPS tunnel that is easier to use than VPN.

Real Time Logic, the world leader in device management software for telecommunications, medical and automotive applications, announced the availability of the BarracudaDrive web server, a joint venture between MB Technologies, Spinifex Computing and Real Time Logic.

BarracudaDrive provides a complete and easy to use solution for typical small business needs. BarracudaDrive’s design allows both home users and small business owners to set up and run a professional looking site without the expense of hiring web-gurus. The server also provides secure external Intranet access similar to VPN, but without the complexity.

BarracudaDrive includes the following components:

* A high performance asynchronous web server
* Lua Server Pages, a super fast scripting language
* Bindows, the leading Ajax and Web 2.0. SDK
* Web File Manager that lets you manage your files using a browser
* WebDAV is a secure file system server that lets you mount your server as a windows disk
* HTTPS tunnel, which provides easy external Intranet access
* Chat server and Web 2.0 client powered by the Barracuda EventHandler plugin
* Advanced WEB 2.0 web server administration application
* Setup application that lets any user install and make the server available on the Internet

The BarracudaDrive license allows you to develop Bindows applications that will run inside BarracudaDrive.

For Bindows developers, BarracudaDrive provides the following benefits:

* It is integrated into one server - no installation
* BarracudaDrive is very easy to install and operate
* Integrated JSON web-services makes it extremely easy to communicate with the server
* Lua Server Pages (LSP) and BarracudaDrive are much faster than PHP/Apache

You can learn more about BarracudaDrive, download a free version or purchase the FULL version at BarracudaDrive.

If you have questions about the Bindows license included in the BarracudaDrive, please contact sales@bindows.net

3 Responses to 'Bindows in BarracudaDrive Web Server'

  1. 1Kai Tischler
    September 23rd, 2007 at 7:32 pm

    This blog entry has made me stumble across the BarracudaDrive web server; I have visited
    and perused the BarracudaDrive website and am at least interested to find out more about
    its use for realtime web 2.0 websites “in the wild”; they have integrated and recommended
    Bindows as the client-side Ajax framework; does the Bindows community recommend the use of the
    BarracudaDrive web server plus Lua Server Pages for the server-side ? And are there
    already comprehensive realtime web 2.0 web sites/apps built with “Bindows + Lua Server Pages +
    BarracudaDrive” available ? I am currently planning to use ColdFusion8 plus its integrated
    “LiveCycle Data Services ES Express”; using the hosted “LiveCycle Data Services ES” can
    become expensive if it shall serve many concurrent users. Since the BarracudaDrive web
    server makers claim that it is blazingly fast and very scalable with regard to concurrent
    users, I would really like to know if it could be a viable - and maybe much cheaper -
    alternative which I have overseen until today …

  2. 2David
    September 25th, 2007 at 7:38 am

    BarracudaDrive may be the solution you seek.

    Find out by downloading the free trial at:


  3. 3Wil
    September 25th, 2007 at 7:49 am

    BarracudaDrive is a new product and its main focus is currently on
    remote access. However, BarracudaDrive can also be used as a web-server
    for powering LSP applications.

    LSP is very fast since the scripting language is integrated into the
    BarracudaDrive server. Lua is also one of the fastest scripting
    languages, when compared to other scripting languages. Real Time Logic’s
    web-sites: sharkssl.com and barracudaserver.com is powered by the same
    BarracudaDrive web-server. According to Real Time Logic, the site
    barracudaserver.com and URL
    http://barracudaserver.com/products/BarracudaDrive/ gets many hits every
    day. The BarracudaDrive home pages are designed using LSP and the CPU
    load is negligible.

    BarracudaDrive includes ODBC Lua bindings, client and server components
    for JSON-RPC web-services.

    Real Time Logic has informed us that the next version of BarracudaDrive
    will also include the SQLite database engine, CGI support, the Bindows
    Forum, and a small content management system.

    You may have come across the EventHandler brochure:
    The EventHandler, which appears to be similar to the push-mode technique
    used in “LiveCycle Data Services ES Express” is currently not available
    in LSP. I suggest sending Real Time Logic an email if you think the
    EventHandler would be an important asset to your BarracudaDrive powered
    LSP application.

    BarracudaDrive can currently not compare in functionality to large
    enterprise servers. You will need to carefully study BarracudaDrive and
    LSP to see if it fits your requirements. A limitation in the current
    version of BarracudaDrive is that it cannot load external DLL’s to
    extend its core “C” functionality. This means that you are limited by
    the Lua API provided by BarracudaDrive. The BarracudaDrive team is open
    to suggestions for future additional features.

    Another possibility is to purchase the Barracuda Embedded Web Server SDK
    and embed the server into your customized server component – i.e. write
    your own BarracudaDrive web-server. MB Technologies and Real Time Logic
    have customers using Bindows and the EventHandler for providing real
    time web 2.0 updates for embedded devices. The Barracuda Embedded Web
    Server SDK allows you to write your application(s) using a combination
    of C/C++, CSP, Lua, and LSP. The SDK allows you to assemble your own
    web-server or integrate a web-server component into another program. The
    Barracuda Embedded Web Server SDK includes all components found in
    BarracudaDrive, except for the HTTPS tunnel. The Barracuda Embedded Web
    Server can be compiled for any platform.

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