October 17th, 2021

Bindows FREE Gauges Library

We are proud to release the Bindows gauges library toolkit.

You can use the library to add vector-graphics based, Ajax-enabled gauges to any HTML page. The Bindows free gauges toolkit includes:
* A set of predefined sample gauges.
* An online wizard to easily create and personalize your gauge.
* A non exclusive licence to freely use and distribute gauges based on the library.
* A lightweigth Bindows™ distribution, tailored for use with this library.

The gauge library has been tested with Firefox and IE 5.5+.

The package is provided free of charge, without any warranty and without any commitment for support.

Check it out at Bindows Ajax Gauges Library.

Sample of 2 Bindows gauges - CLICK to see them live (moving) - notice that the clock always shows your local time

Sample of two Bindows gauges - CLICK the gauges to see them live (moving) and notice that the clock always shows your local time

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