October 17th, 2021

New version of BindowsFaces

BindowsFaces latest beta version is: BindowsFaces beta 0806, released on June 5, 2008

This version provides the following new and improved features:

* Comet Support - BindowsFaces now includes an API for implementing Comet support for different server environments. An adapter for the GlassFish Server is included in the BindowsFaces package.

* Ajax Navigation - BindowsFaces makes use of the JSF navigation mechanism but does not “leave” the current AJAX application.

* Live Scrolling - When a larger number of rows is to be loaded into a data grid the loading time suffer, live scrolling a method to avoid slow user interfaces. BindowsFaces now supports live scrolling in the Grid component.

* dataTable population - BindowsFaces now supports standard dataTable population constructions using the column component.

* Custom Classes - BindowsFaces enables you to use Bindows custom classes or entire applications that you developed in a JSF environment.

* Themes - BindowsFaces now supports the Bindows themes (Click to see the new cool Bindows themes.)


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* The Promise of Ajax in JSF

* How to use BindowsFaces

* Download BindowsFaces

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  2. 2Jeanfrancois Arcand
    June 19th, 2008 at 7:50 pm


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